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About us

About Us

Comprised of entrepreneurial minds, the advisers at Out-Resource Business Support Ltd understand what it takes to run a business today and plan for tomorrow. We provide the most up-to-date and innovative solutions available to meet the diverse business needs of our clients. We incorporate a high level of technology into our daily activities. We work closely with various professional bodies and government institutions ensuring complete service for our clients and ensure we are updated on the changes in the laws and regulations of the country.

We at Out-Resource Business Support Ltd are available to help your company achieve the goals and objectives that you set out for your business. We develop strategies and provide services that are designed for each client’s specific needs.

Our Services

Our services are structured to support your in-house activities. Tailored to meet your needs. We offer Innovative, Specialized, Professional services. 

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Our Business Support at a Glance

At Out-Resource Business Support we have built a team of experts in business with over ten years of combined experience. Our founders came together in 2007 to start this company in Lusaka. Our highly qualified professionals come from all walks of life striving to achieve their individual best. Having previous experience in retail, wholesale, audit, government institutions and others; our combined specialized team aims to ensure the best possible solution is designed and delivered to you.

Sample Industries


Mobile Networks and IT

Hospitality and Tourism

Wholesale and Distribution

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