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Out Resource Business Support Ltd (ORBS Zambia) is a Business Management and Advisory Firm based in Lusaka, Zambia.

We are a leading provider of comprehensive Business Management and Advisory Services. Our firm has been serving clients across various industries since its inception, helping them to grow their businesses, increase profitability, and achieve their strategic objectives.

We understand what it takes to manage a business. Our unique business model ensures that you experience a journey of long-term success and innovative results that are customized to YOUR Business needs.

Your journey starts with us at the Incorporation of the Company. We Grow and Build with you, offering Relevant, Reliable and Professional Support on the journey to Your Business’ Success.

Our Business Approach

At ORBS, we take a holistic approach to Business Management and Advisory
Services. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs
and challenges and develop customized solutions that deliver tangible results.
We are a team of liberal, enthusiastic members with a positive approach to
providing expert and professional services with due care to professional ethics.

  • Financial Planning and Analysis: We provide financial analysis, forecasting, and
    budgeting services to help our clients manage their finances effectively.
  • Strategic Planning: We work with clients to create a comprehensive strategic
    plan that aligns with their goals and objectives. We help identify opportunities for
    growth and develop strategies to capitalize on them.
  • Operations Planning & Management: We assist businesses in optimizing their
    operations and improving efficiency, helping them to reduce costs and increase
Your Business Support Partner